HRW device

Heart Risk Warner is a prototype with the aim to heart risk assessment. It employs multiple medical methods and assesses risk of your heart. Benefits of knowing about possible heart risk existence, risk of heart disease or heart problems (stroke, coronary artery disease, hypertension, heart failure or heart attack). With desktop application you can see risk score and details of vital signs.
Heart Risk Warner PCB board
Heart Risk Warner prototype

Today in world the heart disease is one of the major cause of death. For example, risk of having a stroke doubles every decade and after the age of 55 the risk grows advancing in age (WHO). Several studies showed that many people are unaware about their health condition and are not diagnosed until their deaths. It is projected that in the next half of this century elderly population will be growing more rapid than ever before. This indicates that heart problems will be more and more topical than today.

Heart Risk Warner software

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Heart Risk Warner x86 installer

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Typical applications

  • Meassure ECG, arrhythmia detection
  • Meassure heart rate
  • Meassure blood pressure continously
  • Meassure pulse wave
  • Meassure heart risk
  • Other applications

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