Heart Risk Estimation

There is no found a single heart risk assessment algorithm, comprised of different medical methods. Found existing solutions able assess the risk only by single medical method, for instance by using ECG for arrhythmia detection. Connecting different algorithm parts together, overall risk assessment score may be increased

Sofware risk assesment window

Conceptual overview of heart risk detection algorithm. Rule based algorithm designed as a voting system, each node designed to have coefficient value kx, which is expressed as a risk weight. Coefficient values may be selected by significance order, highest value are the most significant for the risk prediction. However, it can be only generalization and does not reveal that it can work on different individuals.

Total heart risk (HR) calculated by the sum of all coefficients and compared by threshold value, which is decide about risk existence. Threshold value T should be found experimentally together with health care provider. In this case value greater than zero indicates about risk existence.

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