Medical methods

Proper disease treatment belongs to appropriate medical test-method. For instance, blood tests, blood pressure measurements, heart rate, electrocardiogram measurements, oxygen breaths tests, 3D imaging, neurological tests, balance tests and, etc. Some tests require invasive intervention like blood samples or catheters, on the other hand, new technologies towards allow bringing new medical methods to perform same tests without any intervention. For instance, medical 3D imaging techniques allow rendering human organs into 3D images and interactively manipulating them like it is done during surgery [21]. Moreover, new hardware technologies like 3D transistors [20] allow speeding up computers, by bringing more processing power. Thereby more complex algorithms can be solved. Electrocardiography is the most valuable medical test related to cardiovascular disease treatment; however, blood pressure, heart rate variability, stiffness index, pulse wave velocity, resting heart rate, are also important measurements for the proper disease treatment and cardio risk identification.

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